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Consulting Service

In recent years, a number of people approached me to request information on a variety of topics. The requests came from industry consultants, fintech founders, professionals, and students. 

Credit and Fintech Examples

Some services I have provided include:


- Introduction of latest industry developments

Banking as a Service

Embedded banking

Open banking



- Portfolio risk management framework 

- Risk model development/review

Origination/underwriting models

Portfolio risk/loss forecast models 

- Risk strategy development/review 


Authorization, Line Management, and Collections  

- Industry benchmarking 

- Evaluation of new products or ideas 

- Review the company website and product workflow 

- Service referrals based on the professional network

Other Examples

Not all inquiries are related to consumer credit and fintech. Here are some other information services I provided upon request: 

- Job search strategy 

- Resume critique and mock interview 

- Book writing and book publishing  

- Working in the US as a Canadian

15-min Discovery Call (free)  

If you think my experience and knowledge could help you in any way, please book a 15-minute discovery call to see if there is a mutual fit. The discovery call is free. 

Contact Method: 

Email to with the subject as "15m discovery call".


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