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Consumer Lending Risk Management Fundamentals

About This Course
  • High-level introduction of consumer lending and risk management. 

  • Help curious beginners develop a succinct and comprehensive view.  

  • 110 minutes content and 24 lectures to cover the most important concepts. 

  • Available now at Udemy;  8,000+ global students and growing. 

Who This Course Is For
  • Those who have zero knowledge of consumer lending risk management.

  • Curious beginners who want to develop a succinct and comprehensive view.

  • College and university students who are exploring a career in consumer lending. 

Course Contents

The compact course covers important concepts through the following sections:

  1. Introduction

  2. Consumer Lending

    • Consumer lending and daily life​

    • Consumer lending and the economy

    • Secured lending vs. unsecured lending

    • Revolving credit vs. installment loan

  3. Risk Management

    • Risk management overview​

    • Main risk types

    • Other risk types

    • Risk management framework

  4. Risk Management in Banking

    • Three business pillars in bank​

    • Consumer lending in the bank

    • Importance of risk management

  5. Risk Management in Practice

    • Risk stakeholders​

    • Credit life cycle

    • Consumer lending ecosystem

  6. Credit Bureau and Credit Score 

    • Credit bureau​

    • Credit score

  7. ​Case Study: Fintech Loan ​

About Book
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