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Consumer Lending Risk Management Courses

Given that some readers have expressed interest in online courses on the topic of consumer lending risk management, I will start to create a series of courses to provide the needed training.  


If you are interested in any specific course listed below, please pre-register simply by providing your email in the subscription box below.

Consumer Lending Risk Management - Introduction 
  • High-level introduction of consumer lending and risk management. 

  • Help curious beginners develop a quick overview of this field. 

Consumer Lending Risk Management - Essentials 
  • Most commonly used knowledge of credit marketing, account origination, and collections. 

  • Content applicable to both revolving credit and installment loan. 

Consumer Lending Risk Management - Revolving Credit Management
  • Decision areas particular to revolving credit: authorization, credit line increase, credit line decrease, reissue, and portfolio stimulation tactics. 

Consumer Lending Risk Management in SAS 
Consumer Lending Risk Management in Python/R 
About Book

Please check your inbox for the confirmation email.

Be sure to check the Promotion/Spam folder, move the email to your inbox and add the sending email to the safe list. 


You will receive an update email once the digital course is close to the launch. 

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