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  • Frank Tian

Payment + BNPL

Lately in the competitive payment space,

Payment companies begin to partner with BNPL providers.

Here are the latest examples:

Visa expands Visa Ready to include BNPL partnership now.

This enables card issuers to collaborate with 20 BNPL providers.

Previously Visa Installment helps card issuers defend post-authorization,

Now Visa Ready bridges the two worlds of BNPL and credit cards.

Fiserv partners with Affirm to enable BNPL for its merchants.

Merchants can offer added payment flexibility to their customers.

Adyen, a Dutch payments group,

Extends its partnership with Afterpay to the global market.

The once land grab for merchants moves upstream to payment companies.

Reasons for these partnerships:

Payment companies - compete for transactions with new credit utilities.

BNPL providers - expand channel reach to continue the needed growth.

As the interest rate, the rising cycle has begun,

The once abundant liquidity starts to retreat.

The ability to offer credit becomes more important for businesses.

In Q1 ‘22, the US credit card balance saw $71B, or a 9.2% increase Y/Y.

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