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🦿 7 AI Use Cases for Consumer Risk Professionals

Lately I have been thinking - how risk folks could leverage the latest Generative AI?

Let’s look beyond the limitations of current tools - assuming things like accuracy and security will be addressed in future solutions.

Here are 7 tasks you could get help on.

1️⃣ Ask for resource recommendations

Here are some questions I got asked in the last 12 months. Now you can ask FrankAI (or whatever name of the AI tool):

“Which risk management books should I add on the reading list for my analysts?”

“Any good resources such as books, blogs on how to manage an auto loan portfolio?”

2️⃣ Gain quick descriptive insights

You link the AI tool to the data spreadsheet. Then simply ask questions.

“How is this week’s origination doing?”

“Any portfolio credit quality changes in the latest monthly numbers?”

3️⃣ Write a model documentation

Based on model output from statistical tools, you can have AI to write a semi-finished model documentation.

Of course you need to give an outline - what components to include in each section. Then have humans to review and edit.

Now audit / model vetting teams can use AI tools to review the documentation - to see if key components are missing vs. guidelines.

Model documentation AI vs. audit AI. Nice.

4️⃣ Perform a portfolio review

Link AI tools to a set of reports. Tell AI what key metrics to watch, and which periods to compare (M/M, Y/Y).

Ask for a portfolio review report in Word or PowerPoint.

You can control the length - within 500 words or 5 slides.

5️⃣ Produce a benchmark report

Ask AI tools to scan the latest quarterly financial releases from the specified 10 peer lenders.

Then produce a report with key metrics such as loan balance, delinquency rate, and loss rate.

Including graphs and memos to highlight your institution’s performance vs. the benchmark.

6️⃣ Learn a particular topic

The financial world is spinning faster. Use AI to help you up-to-date.

“Tell me the opening banking developments in the US in the last 6 months.”

“What is this Silvergate crypto run thing? Explain to me in simple terms in 400 words.”

7️⃣ Get help for your career search/hiring

Hiring managers can use AI to write better job descriptions, create a list of interview questions.

Candidates can use AI tools to write resumes, research companies and opportunities, prepare for interview questions - all based on your unique experience.

The list could go on ... your imagination is the limit.

How do you like the prospect of AI assistance in the near future?

What other use case would you like to get help on?


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