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  • Frank Tian

Banks Show Employee the Love

❤️ Time to show some love to your employees.

With US inflation as high as 7.5%,

Any salary increase < means a pay cut.

It’s time to show some love to your employees,

Whether they just join or stay.

Some banks get it.

Chase’s non-interest expense grew 11% in Q4 ‘21.

Mostly driven by staff compensation.

"We want to be very, very competitive on pay,"

Dimon said, "If that squeezes margins, so be it."

Bank of America gave employees an additional $1B in stocks.

At BankUnited, every employee received a $5K cash bonus.

It is not limited to cash compensation.

Scotiabank: a global enhancement of parental leave benefits.

TD Bank: adding coverage for various child and elder care expenses.

In a market hungry for talents,

Time to show some love.

🏈 Echoing the Superbowl ad buzz,

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