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Housing Market Update - April

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

🏠 Market Update

Canadian housing is such a hot topic now,

Even Simu Liu had to take a jab at it in his Juno Award speech.


After a 75 bps rate increase and another 50 bps expected on 6/1,

The red-hot Canadian housing market finally begins to cool.

April home sales volume Y/Y down 25.7%.

Even as Housing Price Index (HPI) is up 23.8% Y/Y,

April average prices dropped 6% M/M or -8.6% from Feb.

Some properties in Toronto devalued as much as $200K in 2 months.

Buyers began to back out from contracts - 2017 all over again.

From Federal to Provincial, governments are busy updating housing policies.

Even BoC states that housing will be a key consideration for monetary policy.


US April existing home sales fell for a third straight month.

Volume M/M down 2.4%; Y/Y down 5.9%.

Even though the median price Y/Y is up 15% at $391,200

Northeast saw average price falling from last summer’s peak.

Higher rates and higher prices already drove mortgage origination down.

Q1 ‘22 has a total of $859 billion origination - down 25% from Q1 ‘21.

If you haven’t watched Simu Liu’s Juno opening monologue,

I highly recommend it - whether you are a Canadian or not.

Clip source: CBC Music on Youtube

Data sources: CREA, NRA, The Fed.

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