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  • Frank Tian

Mid-Age Reshuffle

Great Resignation actually is driven by the Great Midlife Crisis?

More tenured, mid-aged professionals join the great reshuffle.

This VOX report analyzed the reasons behind: 👇

This March, a record of 4.5 million people quit in the US.

The great resignation or reshuffle does not slow down.

However, the composition of those who quit changed through the pandemic.

In 1st year: younger, less tenured, in retail and food service industries.

In 2nd year: older, more tenured, in knowledge industries - finance and tech.

Multiple reasons:

  • Pursue flexibility of WFH vs. RTO

  • Financial gains by switching jobs

  • Having the financial cushion to pause or pivot

  • In search of purpose as the pandemic reminds

As it says:

"Your 2nd life begins as you realize you only have 1"

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