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Omaha Trip Report

A Quick Trip in Omaha.

It has been 6 years since the last time I visited Omaha. The midwestern city has grown with new developments. There are still many cranes and construction sites.

My Uber driver happily shared her busy week when Buffett’s annual conference brought in 70,000 visitors earlier in May.

She is also glad to see her tax dollars at work - the city is repainting all road markings and getting prepared for the NCAA World Series Baseball Championship games in June.

Between my presentations at Nebraska SAS User Group Conference, I was able to join a tour of the iEXCEL facility at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Here healthcare professionals can have various comprehensive inter-discipline training aided by cutting-edge technology - such as the 3D display of an organ and travel through a blood vessel via virtual reality.

A dummy patient boy can be programmed to simulate various symptoms, from breath, temperature, lip color, and limb actions. Good to see our future health is in good hands with such powerful training facilities.

Down in the basement are the 20 rooms originally built for potential virus breakouts such as Ebola. They were put in good use to host the tourists from the Diamond Princess cruise in the earliest days of COVID. Unfortunately, it was found out later the virus was already widely spreading in the communities.

It was a good time for me to share the consumer credit pandemic journey in the same month WHO announced the end of COVID-19’s emergency status.

As the post-pandemic era starts, our work to battle the virus’ long-lasting impacts on our physical, mental, and financial health carries on.

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