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  • Frank Tian

Rogers Outage

One major Canadian telecommunication company has had a massive outage across the country since this morning.

It impacts a wide range of services including the Internet, cell, payment services, 911 calls, businesses, healthcare, and governments.

This is a reminder the world is still running on a few centralized service providers when it comes to critical infrastructure, even though many are embracing the more decentralized world.

While the world amazingly keeps spinning without many online today 😅,

It is always a good idea to get prepared for such interruptions - so you can at least send a note to your colleagues or loved ones to tell them your whereabouts.

👉 You can consider to:

  • Get a backup Internet service provider, with a pay-as-you-go plan.

  • Similarly, get a backup mobile phone with a different service provider.

  • If it is too much to get backup services, use 2 different providers for your Internet vs. cell.

  • Know nearby places you can access the Wifi, such as the library, coffee shop, or your friend’s place (if theirs are working).

👉 Last but not least:

  • Always have some cash in your wallet.

In many places today, no other form of payment works - whether it is a credit card, debit card, or digital wallet. ATMs are down too.


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