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  • Frank Tian

Stay Calm - What happened to banks/consumers

Stay calm.

The message from the SVB CEO was not enough.

It took a series of actions from the US president, the Treasury, multiple regulators and the banking industry to get the US banking system stabilized.

What is the impact on main street consumers?

📌 Interest rate

It is estimated the banking crisis is equivalent to a 100 bps rate increase. Thus consumers can have some breathing room with a slowdown/pause of the rate hike.

The Spring housing market has shown some signs of life.

📌 Access to credit

Banks will be careful to extend credit. This will lead to reduced credit access for marginal borrowers, which has been underway as credit performance is normalizing.

📌 Cost of safety

The safety of the banking system does not come without a cost. Though not directly borne by taxpayers, the FDIC cost will be covered by bank customers.

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