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🇺🇸 US Inflation

The 3-year Pandemic Journey

🇺🇸 US Inflation

To understand how we got here, it helps to look back.

🟢 May 2020: 0.2%

The pandemic severely restricted business and consumer activities.

Suppressed demand led the inflation down to almost 0.

🔵 Mar 2021: 2.6%

One year after the pandemic started, the economy gradually reopened.

Consumers opened up their wallets with financial cushions built.

The pent-up demand led the inflation back to above 2%.

🟡 Apr 2021: 4.1%

In a blink of an eye, the inflation hopped above 4%.

This is a zone you don't want to hang around too long.

The inflation was above 4% from Nov ‘07 to Sep ‘08. You all know what happened after.

🟣 Oct 2021: 6.2%

After hitting the 5% plateau in the summer, inflation continued to climb.

Last time inflation was above 6%?

The year of 1990.

🔴 Feb 2022: 8.0%

Omicron replaced the Delta variant, while the Super Bowl was filled with crypto ads.

The eruption of the Ukraine war clearly would add further strain on the world’s supply.

In the following month, the Fed started the fastest interest hike.

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