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  • Frank Tian

An Unthinkable Partnership

Do you know who is enabling payments behind the coin purchase or virtual gift redemption on TikTok?

Here is an unthinkable answer to many.

It is the biggest bank in the US - JP Morgan Chase.

Using real-time payment and API infrastructure, JP Morgan Chase is enabling payments for Tiktok’s parent company ByteDance in over 20 countries.

The excellent content-based algorithm builds the audience.

The growing audience brings e-commerce opportunities.

The opportunities are so big even a dinosaur bank has taken notice and joined the action.

Despite the current political climate, there are still collaboration opportunities.

Between the old and the young.

The west and the east.

From the ByteDance case study published at the Chase site:

📌 ByteDance’s apps are now available across 35 languages and 150 markets.

📌 Chase built a real-time payments infrastructure into ByteDance’s platform that can be connected to local clearing systems.

📌 ByteDance overhauled its host-to-host connectivity with API that allows the real-time exchange of data between ByteDance and Chase.

📌 Chase’s Virtual Account Management solution helps ByteDance manage cash through a centralized account structure covering all 15 businesses.


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