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  • Frank Tian

Card Networks Work Hard

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

With their sheer size, credit card has always been a target.

Look at recent headlines: 👇

Affirm: Americans trust their ex more than credit cards.

Brazil Central Banker: credit card on the brink of extinction.

US Senators: dual networks needed for credit cards from large banks.

Aware of the risks, card companies work hard to add value to their networks.

🟧 Visa

In May 2022, Visa expanded its Visa Ready program to include 20+ BNPL companies. This enables Visa card issuers to collaborate with these BNPL providers.

Previously released Visa Installment helps card issuers play defense via post-authorization installment.

🟥 MasterCard

MasterCard takes a more aggressive approach to maximize the network utility. MasterCard Installment enables the BNPL features at POS for all merchants on its network.

The 3% pricing puts pressure on pure BNPL players, who typically charge 4% of the transaction. Merchants can opt out if they are concerned about the pricing.

MasterCard is also the partner behind the recently released Apple Pay Later.

🟦 Amex

Amex recently announced a partnership with WebBank, which issues cards and loans for fintech such as Klarna and LendingClub.

This will enable more fintech to issue Amax cards and add new users to the Amex network.

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