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Credit Card Benchmarking Resources

Probably prompted by the fast-moving macro economy, a few connections recently asked me where to get credit card benchmarking metrics.

Here are a few sources:

👉 Government sites, such as Fed Reserve’s quarterly loss metrics:

  • Consumer loans vs. commercial loans

  • Large banks vs. small banks.

👉 Credit bureau sites - all 3 major bureaus release industry numbers for each major credit product at least quarterly.

  • The frequency increased to monthly since the pandemic.

  • By origination and portfolio view.

They also hold webinars from time to time to provide industry updates. If you do not have time to join, by simply registering for the event, you will receive the presentation and recording afterward.

👉 Your existing corporate vendors, such as MasterCard/Visa for card issuers; or benchmarking services providers, such as Argus and SNL Financial.

It is possible that another team has access to such info, especially if you are in a large organization. All you need to do is to ask around.

👉 Company financial reports. Public companies disclose all key metrics for their lending portfolios. You just need to go through each site/quarter one by one.

There are also boutique consulting companies that are willing to do the hard work for you.

You can also follow me as I post such info periodically. 😀

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