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  • Frank Tian

Credit Card In Rate Rising Cycle

As the interest rate, the rising cycle begins,

How does that impact the credit card industry?

This Financial Brand piece highlights several key trends: 👇

👉 More attention on low-rate card offerings

With high inflation and higher rates,

More consumers will carry the balance.

👉 More values; more choices

High inflation makes high cashback offers attractive.

More category choices allow customers to choose.

👉 Innovative rewards from partnerships

Leverage partners’ tech and brand,

Grow the card offers reach.

👉 New features such as crypto rewards

Even the crypto prices are always volatile,

Crypto rewards cards cater to consumer interests.

💳 Credit card is still a fiercely contested arena.

As various players continue to innovate and partner.

In the past quarter, Visa/MC saw 20%~ card volume growth Y/Y.

US consumers increased card balances by $71 billion or +9.2% Y/Y.

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