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  • Frank Tian

Father's Day/Crypto

Given recent developments in crypto and financial markets, I want to share some random thoughts on this Father’s Day.

👉 It is natural for the young to embrace the latest technology and attempt to create a new system.

After all, the current system is not perfect, especially for the young generation.

👉 By human nature, every youngster wants to break away from the ideas of their parents.

If they all conform to the existing rules and systems, there would be no advance in society.

👉 For the older generations, we have to accept that unsolicited advice is never welcomed, no matter how well-intentioned.

There are some lessons that the young have to learn by themselves, sometimes with pain.

👉 However, given time, the young will realize there is something beyond this technology that they should respect.

Technology always evolves, but the fundamentals and human nature never change.

👉 No matter how much a teenager wants to break away from their parents, at some point in time, the young would realize there is something they have inherited from the old.

Growing pain is part of the journey to adulthood. Eventually the young will grow mature and become the next generation of old.

That is how the world evolves, generation by generation, to a better one.

👨‍👦To all the fathers and future fathers, Happy Father’s Day!

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