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  • Frank Tian

From Global to Super Regional (bank mergers)

The world is disintegrating.

Then reintegrating.

📌 RBC announced the acquisition of HSBC Canada for $13.5B CAD.

Several international banks exiting North America.

Local banks seize the opportunities to bulk up.

Other examples:

📌 US Bank picks up Union Bank from MUFG

📌 BMO buys Bank of the West from BNP Paribas

Running a global bank is more challenging today.

Thus the shift of focus to markets close to home.

This creates new super regional banks.

Which are much bigger than 10 yrs ago.

What if one super regional fails❓

US regulator is already thinking about that.

Now OCC’s deal approval lasts 12+ months.

And the super regional needs a break up plan.

OCC doesn’t want the top 4 banks to rescue,

As that will lead to more concentration.


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