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  • Frank Tian

Metaverse Experience

I took a tour of the Onyx Lounge in Decentraland.

The news that JP Morgan entered the metaverse is all over the Internet, out of curiosity, I ventured into the Decentraland.

First, I visited the Decentraland on my mobile phone. It does not have a mobile version.

I guess it is hard to fit all those 3D elements on a small screen.

I pulled out my laptop. There is an option to browse as a guest.

After clicking the guest option, I was asked to choose my avatar.

There are options from skin tone, hairstyle (including facial hair), clothes, and accessories.

This reminded me of the 3D game that emerged 12 years ago.

After the selection, I was dropped at Genesis Plaza, the center of the city.

An assistant named Alice gave me a quick tutorial on how to move around and navigate in the virtual world.

There are also a dozen people in the same zone, some are having fun jumping into the fountain, and others are standing there - like me, not sure what to do.

Later I found the map from the menu on the top.

It has several plazas scattered in the city of Decentraland, but I could not find the JP Morgan’s lounge.

It is not like in reality - you can see skyscrapers with major banks’ logos from far away.

Obviously, I need an address.

I had to resort to Youtube to figure out where the lounge is.

It is located roughly at the location of (93, 17). The coordinates indicate its relative position to the city center.

Moving my cursor to the destination, clicked it, then I jumped in.

I clumsily moved towards the plaza.

In the virtual world, I had to learn how to walk exactly where I wanted to be.

After some struggles including hitting a wall, I finally saw the entrance of the lounge, and the famous tiger roaming inside.

Why the tiger? Is it because of the Lunar Year of the Tiger?

I entered the lobby, there is a picture of Jamie Dimon in the center of the wall.

On the left-hand side, there was a timeline of Chase’s journey in the blockchain world. The earliest effort was back in 2015.

There were 7 or 8 people in the lobby, it already felt crowded.

One guy even rolled in with a skateboard. Another guy was practicing jumping all the way to the roof.

There are stairs on the right-hand side. I had a lot of difficulties moving myself up.

After 5 minutes of struggle, finally, I got upstairs.

I had to say that it is a good thing you don’t feel any pain when you bump into the wall.

On the 2nd floor, there are some couches. Not sure you can actually sit down.

There are 3 TVs hanging on the wall. You can click the screen, it will play a pre-recorded message or a webinar, on the topic of blockchain.

That is about it. Not much else there.

I actually was a little disappointed.

Given the fanfare metaverse has generated, I had hoped for a much richer experience.

Would this be the beginning of metaverse banking, if this will become a thing?

Time will tell.

Curious about JP Morgan's Onyx Lounge in Decentraland?

I took a quick tour in the video below. 👇


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