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My Book / Career Advice

Glad to hear my book has been listed as a required reading by a risk solution company for their employees.

I am thankful to people who have paid attention to my content - the book, the course, and the posts. 💙

Someone recently asked for advice as a new graduate.

To launch your career, you need to possess 3 key components.

📌 Technical knowledge: such as a programming language or financial modeling technique.

📌 Communication skills: how to get your message conveyed verbally, in various written formats, and in other creative forms.

📌 Business know-how: the particular industry knowledge and unique challenges.

There are many resources to get you trained on the first two - which are very important.

You need to apply them in a business setting to make an impact.

That is what my book is for - to provide the business context in the niche of unsecured lending.

There will be new programming/modeling techniques.

There will be new customer acquisition channels.

The risk management fundamentals still hold.

On Cyber Monday, Amazon .com (US) currently runs a 53% off promotion on my print book.

The link to the book and other learning resources can be found in my featured section.

Thank you. 🙏


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