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  • Frank Tian

🧮 My LinkedIn Stats in 2022

This is for you - if you are thinking of regularly posting, or just curious.

I started to post more often last year.

~160 posts: most business, some personal.

~275,000 impressions: some ended in the feed only; some people actually read.

The total # impressions is equal to those of 2 posts from a top LinkedIn influencer. 😂

It is pretty discouraging if you think that way.

So I look at it differently.

I used to organize live events for GARP for a few years.

A chapter meeting attracted 50~100 attendees.

The average impressions per post are ~1,700.

Suppose 10% of those are people who actually read your post.

That is still ~170 people. More than a live event.

If 1-2 people find your post useful. Even better.

It feels great if the posts help my connections in any way.

Writing them also helps me think hard and clearly, and learn more.

Thus I will continue to post this year:

Document industry changes.

And share my thoughts.

Thank you for reading!



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