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  • Frank Tian

Piano Lesson - Be Simple

🎹 Spring is the piano competition season and my son is playing in a few festivals.

I am not trained in music in any way but figured I could contribute as a volunteer - running each session per schedule, seating performers, and writing certificates.

Also got to immerse myself in 8 hours of classical music of Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven. 😂

One theme surfaced from the feedback of the adjudicator …

The professor said, “I am not against using the pedal, even though I may sound like it.”

His advice is to pedal less, or more gently, in order to let the original sound show.

One reason is that the pedal did not exist when many pieces were written.

Also, he likes to drop more sound from the music, not add more sound.

👉 Keep it simple.

That is what I learned from his messages.

Have a great week ahead!


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