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How to Lend Money to Strangers - Podcast Dropped

🎶 Do you know the Coffin Dance?

The meme music somehow showed up in my conversation with Brendan Le Grange on his podcast.

The conversation happened in late March, as we were witnessing a fast-spreading regional bank crisis in the US.

Naturally, that topic was in the discussion. Plus a few others.

In the newly released episode 99 of How to Lend Money to Strangers, you can hear my thoughts on:

📌 Why the regional banking crisis is not necessarily a bad thing for consumers?

📌 What was I right and wrong about AI? How will it impact risk management and beyond?

📌 How has financial innovation like BNPL evolved and diverged in different directions?

📌 Why the pursuit of information has not changed in the last 25 years, even with the information explosion? And my personal goal in this space …

📌 Why do I encourage everyone who is thinking about content creation to take a leap of faith?

☝️ And … what does that have to do with the Coffin Dance?

Brendan’s podcast is available on all podcast platforms.

▶️ You can listen to episode #99 here, with show notes and more learning resources from me.

⏩ There are great insights from the 99 episodes from Brendan and many industry practitioners across the world. Please give it a listen.

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