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  • Frank Tian

Tech Back to Earth

The low-hanging fruits of tech adoption were picked.

People went to cloud nine to look for exotic breeds,

but the produce cannot be too far from the ground.

When you knew the tech had a growth issue, before the lay-off news.

- The iPhone maker Apple eyes BNPL.

- Facebook wanted to mint a global currency.

- The crypto world boasted a ~20% interest rate.

However, while businesses go up and down, technology steadily makes inroads.

- OCC sets up a Fintech office.

- The US launched a CDBC pilot.

- Chase tested currency trade on blockchain.

From ultimate liquidity to the fastest rate hike,

The pain in the transition is real for everyone.

Is this the necessary pain for tech adoption to grow into its adulthood?

Technology is like that fast flashy new car,

It works great only if you know where to go.


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