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  • Frank Tian

Innovation is the Way Forward

Despite the valuation dive of fintech companies, financial technologies are staying an integral part of the ecosystem.

Both government agencies and incumbent banks continue to explore the best ways to foster innovation and harness tech power.

🟦 FHFA’s Fintech Office

Federal Housing Finance Agency announced the establishment of the “Office of Financial Technology”.

The office will “serve as an Agency resource for innovations, general trends, and emerging risks in housing finance fintech”.

🟩 CFPB Adjusts Approach

The agency realized the best way to foster innovation is through competition - it changes the name of its innovation branch to “Office of Competition and Innovation” in May.

CFPB acknowledged you cannot encourage innovation simply by reactively issuing no-action letters.

The agency currently is hiring technologists skilled in Data Science & Strategy, Software Engineering, Product Management, Design & UX.

🟧 GS pursues Applied Innovation

Goldman Sachs recently hired Jared Cohen, the former incubator head at Google, to co-lead a new group named “Office of Applied Innovation”.

The mandate of the new group is to identify commercial opportunities “that are at the intersection of a changing global marketplace, a shift in the geopolitical landscape, and rapidly evolving technology.”


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