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  • Frank Tian

⛑️ The Pricing Lifeline for Fintechs

⛑️ In the challenging environment

BCG throws out a lifeline for Fintechs

👉 Pricing Optimization

Pricing is an important tool to keep up revenue with the rising funding and operational cost.

The opportunity is not only for B2C/B2B fintechs, but also for incumbent banks and credit unions.

A brief summary of the BCG report:

🟦 Many fintechs fail to understand customers’ pricing sensitivities; lack of focus leads to limited data and technology.

🟦 An effective pricing strategy can better capture the full value of service and products vs. unprofitable volume growth.

🟦 A suite of pricing opportunities to consider:

🔳 Higher price productivity - match price with value

🔳 Selling full franchise - offer more value with a bundle

🔳 Smoothen revenue profile - switch to subscription for example.

"Why Pricing Optimization can be a Financial Lifeline for Fintech"


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